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Volvero connects owners of vehicles with who wants to rent them for 1 day or more disrupting a market worth 200 B with an app that leverages innovative technologies for security and vehicle monitoring.

  • Marco Filippi is CEO and Founder of Volvero. He has a business background and experience in international contexts due to his career in hedge funds and PwC. His best soft skills are public speaking, group leadership, planning and general management. He is a Fellow of “StartupLeadershipProgram” in London and the “Fulbright Program” in Silicon Valley.
  • Roberto Leonardi covers the role of Strategic Adviser, overviewing the processes and coordinating the relations with the external technical partners (insurance, contractors and the IoT devices provider). He has more than 20 years of experience in IT and AI, being an entrepreneur in 2 different venture before. He is a certified advisor associated with the Impact Hub net and Milan University.
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Volvero is innovative because is based on advanced technologies to provide a comprehensive solution to our users. We adopt DLT and its applications and interactions with Big Data and AI analysis for implementing Smart contracts for insurance purposes, automated payment system and implementing Gamification through the reward of virtuous driving habits. Respectful and safe drivers are assigned with tokens, lowering the risk of crashes, implementing a telematic check of vehicles.

Block.IS Experience

During the event in Istanbul, we had the opportunity to get connected with many international founders active in DLT industry. While talking with them and the mentors/advisors of the program we realized how big is the scale of the issues (transparency, non-repudiation, accountability, ..) that are tackled by such a technology and how many industries are going to be affected by it. For the very first time, we felt like we were not alone but rather part of a community of forward-thinking innovators.

Volvero_Marco Filippi - Marco Filippi
— Marco Filippi CEO & Founder @ Volvero

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