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Charity Wall can be defined as a “Social Marketplace”, “Social” both because it is oriented to the charity sector, and because it allows creating stories around the various social projects that any registered user can view and comment on. Charity Wall uses BlockChain tracing and certifying the use of donations. Furthermore, it allows donors to donate in total transparency and to constantly monitor, comment and verify the development of each specific social project. Charity Wall aims to ensure that, through a system of transparency and traceability, the trust of donors in the charity sector can increase, favouring donations to projects with social impact that guarantee transparency and ensuring that donations actually reach those who need them. Charity Wall wants to trace through BlockChain and make public all the documentation related to the activity of non-profit institutions and also to trace and transmit in a complete way the cash flows between the various stakeholders. Charity Wall will reduce the costs of the charity by reducing the intermediaries, internal processes documents of the interested parties, improving their digitization and accountability, allowing them to develop greater efficiency and faster procedures.

Born in February 2019 by three professionals with several years of experience in their sectors: Luca Busolli, CEO, has 16 years of experience in business development and management, Alessandro Giuntoni, CIO, has been a full stack programmer for 16 years and is a blockchain expert, Simone Borghini, CTO, also a full stack programmer, has 20 years of experience in the IT sector.

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Charity Wall is a Social Marketplace that, through the BlockChain, traces and certifies the use of donations and allows donating in total transparency and monitoring, commenting and constantly verifying the development of each specific social project.

Block.IS Experience

I attended the event in Istanbul and I was positively surprised by the high profile of the startups involved in Block.IS. I found a stimulating environment and many persons that gave me feedbacks and contacts also from other European countries. I believe it is essential to have the chance to confront other points of view and obtain suggestions from experts from other countries. This opens the mind, allows making improves and is the first step to expand the business outside national borders.

Luca Busolli
— Luca Busolli CEO @ Charity Wall

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