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B.A.M Ticketing was founded in July 2019 for the purpose of developing a blockchain ticketing, couponing and loyalty solution. Before, our development team worked on multiple blockchain-based DApps including tokenisation, financial asset trading and decentralised exchanges.

Already in September 2019, B.A.M was incorporated in one of the best university business incubator programmes worldwide and granted public funding by the promotional bank of the Austrian Federal Government.

B.A.M was onboarded as one of the best 40+ blockchain startups to the BLOCKROCKET programme, among 150+ applications, since the program launch in 2019. BLOCKROCKET is an early-stage investor and digital accelerator for blockchain startups in Germany.

In 2020, B.A.M Ticketing has been a finalist in the Austrian Blockchain Award in the category “industry solutions” awarded by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the Austrian Blockchain Center. Finally, B.A.M Ticketing won the German Blockchain Award 2020 in the category “idea stage”.

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B.A.M serves the live event industry with Ticketing as a Service based on blockchain technology. Sports events, concerts, music festivals and other live events benefit from tamper-proof ticketing as well as the elimination of scalpers, bots and black markets. We generate additional revenue for the organizers from secondary markets and at the same time we increase ticket availability and guarantee fair prices for the fans.

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Block.IS provides a community of likeminded innovators in the area of blockchain technology. All face the same issues, but also the same vision for decentralised systems in the future. Blockchain applications come with a couple of inherent USPs but the real value arises from the interoperability of digital currencies, self-sovereign identity and end-user applications. Block.IS does not only grant public funding but provides this ecosystem of all different types of blockchain applications for the decentralised future.

BAM Ticketing-Georg Mueller - Georg Müller
— Georg Müller Founder @ B.A.M Ticketing

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