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Active Social Networking – ASN is in the business of monitoring the supply chain of perishable goods, while following the strategy of vertical expansion. Our first and currently primary target market are wineries and stakeholders in the wine supply chain, i.e. logistics companies, wholesalers and retailers.

The company has gained considerable experience in the area of IoT analytics with customers from various industries such as tourism and leisure, manufacturing, wholesale and maritime. The ISTMOS team is compiled of a multidisciplinary group of seasoned professionals with experience and expertise in business development & administration as well as software engineering, cloud implementation and blockchain technologies.The team has been exposed to the wine value chain for some years gaining deep knowledge in the particularities and requirements of the various stakeholders, attempting to infuse technological advancements via introducing IoT based monitoring.

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The ISTMOS Platform offers control over the perishables supply chain. It includes a monitoring system of the parameters that may affect product quality with real time data recording, automated alert creation and tracking. To improve security and data immutability, as well as to provide a basis for certification, ISTMOS-CPC is an extended version of the current offering based on blockchain technologies that can support trusted unique digital identities and data decentralisation.

Block.IS Experience

So far our experience with the Block.IS project and the team is very satisfying and we are convinced that it will bring a positive impact on our work and product. From the networking phase and all the discussions with DLT experts to support both financially and technically, we believe it will benefit us on many levels.

— Stamatis Poulimenos CEO & Co-Founder @ ISTMOS (ASN)

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