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INT (Institut za nove tehnologije d.o.o. – Institute for New Technologies) is formed in 2017 in Novi Sad, Serbia, as a company dedicated to bringing automation solutions to industrial and nonindustrial business areas. INT has entered the ICT sector, developing software in automation, robotic systems, wireless sensor networks (WSN), ID technologies, mobile applications, etc.

INT has 5 full-time employees and more than 10 associates with a part-time contract. The entire staff represents a group of experienced experts in the field of programming, ID technologies, IoT, SCADA systems, industrial design, industrial and nonindustrial solutions development.

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SAFE (Secured data in dAiry cattle breeding and FEeding) is a web platform that assists producers to verify the organic system plan in the organic certification process. SAFE creates a tailor-made environment based on users’ specific organic certification process.

The idea of this project is the creation of a reliable and unchangeable register of fields based on Organic Food Production (OFP) by using Blockchain technologies which are used in dairy cattle breeding and feeding.

Block.IS Experience

The Block.IS project has a positive impact on INT and gives opportunities to further develop our innovative product based on Blockchain technology. It enables us access to qualified mentors helping us achieve better project implementation. Also, Block.IS enables better promotional activities of our company and our product.

INT_Gordana Ostojic - INT NS
— Dr Gordana Ostojić Director @ INT

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