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VOTTUN is a Spanish SME that helps companies on the road to digital transformation, developing unique, specific and innovative solutions that add value and place them in a privileged position technologically speaking.

VOTTUN serves to simplify what it takes to turn great ideas into powerful business applications that deliver significant value.

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The Vottun Project is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem that runs on any blockchain, pulic or private. Our first product for food traceability runs the Ethereum blockchain and provides a platform for easily certifying products through an entire supply chain. These certificates cannot be forged, as it is leverages on the power of the immutable distributed ledger that runs on smart contracts. Food producers can issue certificates at every step of a supply chain and customers and partners can verify the authenticity of the certificate.

The Vottun protocol via blockchain technology makes a difference as it gives the consumers the assurance that the food has been scrutinized and is of high quality. The Vottun protocol issues certificates at each step of the food supply chain that shows that a food product has undergone the necessary scrutiny at each step of the process and is fit for consumption.

Vottun makes verification of certificates very quick and easy as institutions, businesses, and agencies can certify and publish certificates on the blockchain. With the Vottun, food operators will not have to be burdened with fake certificates and consumers are sure that certificates are not forged in any way.

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