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ZIMT was incorporated in Switzerland in February 2020. Although our technology is inherited from the open source tools our team developed within the Ambrosus project (a large startup that did a ~40M€ ICO in late 2017), we’re a fully independent organisation. ZIMT core is composed by Ambrosus former CPO, Senior Developer and Innovation Manager. Along with the tech core in our platform (initially built over 2 years by 30+ engineers), ZIMT’s core team possesses all the network and know-how needed.

With a long industry experience, our team has helped numerous Fortune 100 companies digitalise their products and operations. Our combination of skills and past experience makes us the ideal partner to help you identify and unlock the benefits of the latest technologies to support your business.

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ZIMT is an end-to-end digital traceability platform powered by blockchain technology that enables organisations to be more transparent and easily share trusted data about the goods/products they make. The objective of this proposal is to extend our platform to directly meet upcoming EU guidelines and regulations around food transparency and traceability and provide SMEs with a turn-key solution that enables them to align with the new “Farm to Fork strategy” easily and at an affordable cost.

Block.IS Experience offered us many opportunities to meet with many experts and get valuable feedback on our project – after only completing 1/3 of the programme!

ZIMT-VladTrifa - Vlad Trifa
— Vlad Trifa CEO & Founder @ ZIMT

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