Demo Day: Block.IS Project Selects the Second Open Call Top 10!

The Block.IS Project announces the Top 10 Innovators from the 2nd Open Call! After participating in the INNOVATE and EXPERIMENT phases, the Top 10 move on to the COMMERCIALISATION phase as the last stage on their way to market!

The Top 10 participants who will carry on to the next and last – COMMERCIALISE Stage are the entrepreneurs that are addressing challenges across three verticals that Block.IS revolves around: agri-foodlogistics and financial sector.  These three domains have been recognized as vital clogs in expanding and reshaping both the European market and industry beyond European borders. Blockchain is the underlying technology that acts as a necessary tool for these startups to achieve real innovation and sustainability, transparency, and trustworthiness of the users.

During the 2nd Block.IS online Demo Day, 22 startups have successfully pitched their solutions to the international jury formed of Krishna Chandramouli, Wendy Moreno Peña and Pedro Roseiro.

The progress which startups have made in the 8-months long acceleration process was assessed thanks to their respective expertise. Therefore, following an all-encompassing approach to assessing the best startups and combining the Pitching session with Technical & Business Evaluation, the Block.IS jury has selected the Top 10 taking the voyage towards further growth and catalysation of blockchain innovation!

Block.IS Top 10 Startups – Second Acceleration Programme

Since Block.IS is a mentorship-driven accelerator programme, in this last phase the top 10 participants with a solid Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and demonstrated market potential will get the chance to engage with the investors, detect investment opportunities, as well as build partnerships in their respective niche and beyond – ensuring the sustainability even post project.

Although significantly affected by COVID-19 imposed situation, Block.IS and its participants have proved resilient, successfully conducting, and participating in the activities previously held in the face to face mode and now in the online format. Therefore, it is yet to be determined in which formats further engagement of the top 10 with investors and wider ecosystem will take place. The end goal of the created synergies is to provide enough traction for the investments, in particular in terms of sales, prospects, users, markets and customers.

Lastly, it is the effort, solutions and growth of all 22 participants that pitched their products today that are impressive. Throughout the last two phases, they have gained the skills, maturity, insight and confidence to keep going and astonish the investors and innovators alike in the future.

Block.IS thanks to all participating startups that are a huge part of the project’s success story, the consortium and other partners who supported the innovators through mentoring sessions as well as the jury for the expertise and valuable insights shared with all the participants!