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Techbricks is a startup studio building ventures through a network of professors, researchers and serial entrepreneurs in disruptive digital technologies, especially FinTech and EnerTech. We are incorporated in Rome, Italy as an innovative startup and set up with strategic partnerships for technology development, business planning, IP management with the aim of transforming ideas to Minimum Viable Product ready for go-to-market and commercialization right after the incubation phase.

Techbricks’ team has vast knowledge and experience in integrating technologies and business applications, with a proven track record of successfully delivered projects in Finance, Energy, Trading and related technologies (FinTech, EnerTech).

Manuele Monti has wide project management and CEO experience which will boost the effectiveness of the entire team and make goals achievable in a timely manner. Technology leadership of the project will be under prof.

Vladimir Ceperic CTO, is a well-established, highly passionate researcher and technologist, yet with proven industry experience in complex projects. Innovation Management and Project management expertise of the two managers will help to guide synergically a dedicated team for the FlexyGrid projects, with tailored resources from the startup studio:

• Milos Ciganovic, Project Manager

• Melania De Angelis, Marketing Manager

• Full stack developer & 2 data scientists

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FlexyGrid aims to develop a DLT highly integrated with IoT and AI, to optimize the flexibility and ‘smart energy demand response’ mechanisms of buildings and industries, whilst digitizing energy transactions.

The startup integrates a novel DLT to the IoT/AI Building Management System (BMS) infrastructure of IoT partners, to optimize, record demand-side energy efficiency/rebalancing transactions, and to introduce a token awarding mechanism for ‘virtuous’ transactions.

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Block.IS Experience

Here at Techbricks, we are really delighted to have been selected as Experimenter and to be on track to enter the Commercialize phase. The Block.IS project is helping us to kick-start the disruptive idea that we have been developing for some time now and, hopefully, it will open more opportunities for the future. Our team has been present in the energy sector for more than 15 years, taking different roles, and this funding opportunity from Block.Is it constitutes a real turning point as it completes the “picture” for our project FlexyGrid. By the end of the funding support from Block.IS, we plan to capitalize on our connections in the energy sector with possible access to new investors and successfully deliver FlexyGrid to the market.

Techbricks_Manuele Monti - Milos Ciganovic
— Manuele Monti CEO @ Techbricks

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