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Datarella is an established provider of Industrial Blockchain Solutions, founded in 2013 and based in Munich. The company was founded by four seasoned entrepreneurs and former C-level executives with a proven track record. Each of them has more than 20 years of experience in the respective working field.

Datarella clients come from a variety of sectors: aid, insurance, automotive, manufacturing, finance, media, and politics. Key customers include the United Nations/WFP/UNW, UK Department for International Development (“DFID”), Siemens and Wirecard. Partners from the mobility field include BMW, Bosch, Volkswagen.

As of today, Datarella and its subsidiaries have 35 employees. The company develops bespoke Blockchain-based innovations for and with their clients and partners with a strong emphasis on the supply chain and ICT sector.

Core team:
Rebecca Johnson is a blockchain architect working at the intersection of technology and transcultural communication. At Datarella she is focused on requirements engineering, project management, and governance. She is the product owner for Track & Trust, Datarella’s Supply Chain solution.
Martin Schäffner is a blockchain architect at Datarella. He focuses on the field of system design, system integration and coordination with the developers and the project’s stakeholders.
Philipp Kothe is an ambitious blockchain consultant with a strong focus on the business side. Together with the stakeholders, he designs the use cases of the solution.
Tomasz Gęsior is a Blockchain developer with an interest in smart contract development. His strong blockchain skills and persistence in learning makes him really ardent about what he does.

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T&T (Track & Trust) allows the tracking of shipments from the beginning to the very end of the humanitarian supply chain involving all stakeholders. T&T blockchain technology offers a trustable, decentralised and immutable system for the tracking of humanitarian goods which is superior to centralized alternatives.

Core system elements:

  1. A user-friendly web app interface, providing information about shipment details.
  2. A private permissioned Ethereum blockchain, which allows for the tamper resilient documentation of handover data and serves as a single point of truth. This creates novel trust amongst all stakeholders since data is governed jointly by all stakeholders without external intermediaries.
  3. A hardware kit, composed of mesh nodes and satellite communication technology, which supports the last-mile-tracking. This kit allows the creation of an asynchronous mesh network, enabling updates to the custody of goods even when communication infrastructure is missing or destroyed.

Block.IS Experience

Our experience with Block.IS can be described as very positive so far. The event in Istanbul was very well organised and was a great opportunity to network with other blockchain-focused startups, investors and industry experts. The technical pitch and conversation with the Block.IS experts were very inspiring and helpful to get a feeling on how to push the project in the right direction.

Also, the 3 minutes pitch and pitch training beforehand helped to improve the critical skill of presenting in front of potential investors and a big audience. This experience helps me to present even more convincing in the future.

— Philipp Kothe Blockchain Architect @ Datarella

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