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The team behind Galaxis Network has been implementing blockchain solutions for the last 3 years under the brand Solidity Services, not to mention the experience they gathered before. As some of the references, we have built a proof of existence solution for an image verification platform, a tokenized peer-to-peer electricity trading solution, a smart contract powered investment processing platform. The team has recently started to focus on DEFI products, recognizing the need to revolutionize the way we bank.

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The Galaxis platform is a blockchain-technology based standardized solution for hedge funds to launch and manage digital asset portfolios in a transparent and secure manner.

The aim of the product is to provide a state-of-the-art portfolio management platform for existing hedge funds with the purpose of accelerating and providing technological innovation and portfolio expansion for these companies to operate more safely and cost-efficiently. The functionality of Galaxis Platform and the transactions across the stakeholders are performed by blockchain-based smart contracts, with no single point during the asset management life cycle when the funds are leaving the blockchain network.

Block.IS Experience

The Block.IS programme was not only a success from the side of Galaxis Network, but it was also a great opportunity to meet fellow blockchain enthusiasts and discuss the future of blockchain and decentralized finance!

mate solidity
— Máté Brezovszki CEO @ Solidity Services

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