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T.S.C. Technology Skill Chain is a startup born in 2019 by the will of some partners who have already worked for years in various sectors of ITC and Agrifood. The Mission of T.S.C. is to carry out Document Security projects in all areas that require document certifications and assurances using blockchain technology.

T.S.C. is part of the – consortium which is a non-profit organization. The objective of the Consortium also includes the coordination and control of the activity carried out by the members of the Consortium as “Validation nodes” for the certification of data (or transactions) written on the Blockchain, in order to promote its dissemination and security level, with known validator nodes. The team is made up of a total of 15 analysts and developers.

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T.S.C. is developing the CO.R.D. (COmpliance Risk due to Documen manipulation). The project consists of a family of applications that concern the Certifications of Origin, Quality and Content of food products along the entire production/process chain up to the final consumer. Some of the development lines concern the following sectors:

  • CO.R.D. Crops – Open field crops
  • CO.R.D. Wine – Wine
  • CO.R.D. Italics – Italian origin certification
  • CO.R.D tissue development of the circular economy for clothing

Block.IS Experience

Participation in the Block.IS project was very important because it helped us to know better how the sector moves and also to know people who deal with the same activities as TSC.

Technology Skill Chain vincenzo
— Vincenzo Longobardi CEO @ Technology Skill Chain

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