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Tsenso is a science-based, deep-tech startup bringing the digital twin to the food industry. Tsenso focuses on the digitization of the food from farm to fork, connecting the existing data lakes for improved transparency. Thanks to our digital twin analytics, we provide a new level of insight into food safety and freshness conditions.

We are now a team of 2 founders and 5 employees on the mission to digitize global food safety and quality assurance processes and to provide consumers with next-level insight into the quality of their food and personalized safety information.

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Our supply chain traceability solution includes logistics data, but also measurements of production and storage conditions as well as data from quality checks, we are able to reconstruct the detailed history of each single food product unit.

The data generated in our platform gives our customer a real-time risk assessment of the food in their stocks and supply chains. It also allows them to better market products of superiors quality, and also to sell off products of lower quality before they are wasted.

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