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IBISA is a Luxembourgish Insurtech with the mission to enable agriculture insurance for agricultural entrepreneurs, everywhere and in an easy manner. IBISA leverages blockchain technology and Earth Observation data to build and manage innovative and commercially viable micro-insurance for agriculture.

The European Space Agency, Draper Ventures and Consensys are our main partners and investors. IBISA team comes from diverse professional backgrounds, from satellite communications to Earth Observation, blockchain and software development, to actuarial risk modelling and insurance.

We decided to embark on this journey because of our combined experience and capability to bring profitable solutions to this untapped market and, eventually, to disrupt agriculture insurance and help players in the agriculture industry with our earth observation data solutions. We have built the knowledge and tools to bring innovative solutions to the market

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IBISA is tackling the problem of uninsurability of millions of farmers and breeders worldwide by enabling the next generation of agriculture insurance.

IBISA is a tech platform for insurance actors to unlock this market. IBISA designs innovative weather-based index products and provides the platform to distribute and manage them in a cost-efficient and automated way using earth observation and blockchain technology.

One of the key innovations and enablers of IBISA is our solution to assess losses, efficiently, remotely and in a scalable manner. It combines Earth Observation data and our Crowd-Watching platform.

For Crowd-Watching we have built a community of ‘watchers’, individuals that provide an independent assessment based on the data we display on the platform. These assessments are consolidated in the ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ that feeds the policy management system and triggers payments.

Block.IS Experience

Block.IS brings us the opportunity to accelerate the development of a key component in our roadmap. Our mentor has knowledge in different areas of relevance for IBISA, it is a great fit for us. Finally, before the end of the year we broadcasted the announcement into our network and got very positive feedback and interest!

IBISA-Maria Mateo pic - Maria Mateo
— Maria Mateo Iborra Co-Founder & Project Leader @ IBISA

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