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2bSMART was formed in 2019 with the aim to accelerate Blockchain adoption using the power of Simulation and Gamification. We have developed high-quality blockchain workshops and training sessions, and have built the underlying blockchain applications.

We are a small team of Blockchain specialists from The Netherlands. We have extensive experience working in international business, with expertise in IT architecture, IT project management and Finance Management. Our focus is on the design, development and deployment of blockchain to reduce organizational friction and create surplus(time) for a better and more sustainable world. We area partner of the Weconomics foundation.

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We support organizations in understanding the concept of blockchain and smart contracts. We do this by offering a number of interactive training simulations for you to experience the power of this new technology. We can customize these simulations for you to make it applicable to your business sector. We help you to redesign your business processes and make effective use of blockchain, smart contracts and IoT devices.

We are specialised in the business sectors Logistics and Buildings, but our training modules are suited for all types of organizations. Including Universities and other educational institutes.

The SMARTYS Simulations workshop is designed around an example of a logistical process, making it specifically suitable for people working in this business sector. However, people from other sectors will also find this workshop module very useful.

Block.IS Experience

Pitching in Istanbul and meeting all the members and participants of Block.IS was a great experience. So much energy and enthusiasm of everyone involved. Getting the grant gives us a financial and mental booth to further develop our SMARTYS product!

istanbul blockis J&R kleine versie - Jeroen Perquin
— Jeroen Perquin Co-Founder & CFO @ 2bSMART

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