Block.IS Expert Jury Member – Peter Rozsa

How was your experience as a Block.IS Expert Jury Member?

I was pleased and excited to be part of the jury and evaluate 45 of them from a carefully selected cohort. The venue and accommodation parameters where up to standards, communication went smoothly and the entire event didn’t suffer any setbacks. It was definitely a very positive experience and I was delighted to bring my experience and skillset to the fold and help select the 23 winners.

Any words of advice for Block.IS Innovators?

In general, the technical side of things was covered relatively well. I would suggest a bit more in-depth analysis with respect to the business parameters (target market and segment, knowledge of the customer/user base, a business model with relatable example and more credible financial projections).
The pitch side was far more challenging, having a clear lack of experience there. I would recommend the teams to step up the pitching game and learn how to pitch. The journey will be too hard without this, as the entrepreneurial adventure is human contact and interaction primarily.

Why should blockchain startups and SMEs apply for the Block.IS Accelerator?

First of all, 60 000 euros as a grant is a tremendous booster to shape the initial stage of a company and get it one step further. I would also add that Block.IS, given their network and capacity to gather the right skillsets (mentorship, investors, European scope, etc.) make them an ideal candidate to partner with. The quality jury also helps with providing helpful advice that often times unlocks previously unforeseen avenues.