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EZ Lab Srl is an innovative startup located in Padova (Italy), with offices in Reims (France) and San Francisco (CA – U.S.A.) founded in 2014 and operating at the international level, specialized in high-tech solutions for the improvement and development of the technological innovation and Smart Agri-food. The company has developed SAT, a software platform which supports farmers in traceability and certification of agricultural products using blockchain technology and Smart Contracts.

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SAT is a software platform that supports farmers in the traceability and in the certification of agricultural products by using the blockchain technology and Smart Contracts. Opening up to new international markets means that consumers increasingly need to have secure and certified information in order to choose the products that they really need. The goal of SAT is therefore not only to guarantee products and supply chains but also to involve the consumer in the evaluation of quality.

Block.IS Experience

Participating in Block.IS was very important for me as the CEO to have a European comparison with the best blockchain companies and to evaluate our degree of technological advancement. Block.IS is also an excellent showcase for the promotion of our project at a European level and to encourage the implementation of technology in the food, finance and logistics sectors.

— Massimo Morbiato CEO @ EZ Lab

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