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Kedeon provides hardware and software solutions for the cold supply chain monitoring to increase transparency, efficiency and help to ensure customers. The company is located in Riga, Latvia, and has received recognition across the domains. The team consists of 9 people in total, all united by the passion of technology which impacts society.

With experienced IoT engineers, hardware designers, and software developers Kedeon aims to build the solutions for the near future. Both founders have a unique vision about how technologies will transform the supply chain industry and both are blockchain enthusiasts with experience in the startup world and implementing emerging technologies.

The main focus is on grocery and food delivery operations, but Kedeon plans to expand to other industries like pharmaceuticals, raw materials, and electronics. Kedeon hopes to partner up with regulatory institutions and insurance companies which would have huge benefits of data aggregation provided by our platform in combination with implementing different smart contracts.

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Kedeon enables transparent quality monitoring to companies of any size for food, medical and last-mile logistics applications. Utilizing easy to implement hardware IoT modules that require little to no changes in the existing operations of companies and minimal training for employees, protecting from liability, as well as reassuring recipients and end-consumers.

Our purpose-built sensor devices gather real-time data and store that information in a decentralized manner, giving transparency and verifiability to the involved parties. Kedeon also provides different tools for companies and end customers, for example, delivery verification tools.

Block.IS Experience

Block.IS programme has brought a positive impact to our startup by providing mentorship and webinars on specific topics. For us, this programme made sense and was aligned with our project goals. It is great to have support on our entrepreneurial journey.

Kedeon-Kristaps - Kristaps Mikasenoks
— Kristaps Mikasenoks Co-Founder & COO @ Kedeon

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