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IDS Group is a French company, consisted of three founders from the world of R&D in chemistry, geochemistry and physics, from the world of security and investigation, and from the world of international marketing in an industrial environment.

Our 20 years of professional experience have led us to carry out missions around the traceability of goods, places and people.

Convinced of the challenges of traceability, in 2016 we created IDS Foods, a subsidiary of IDS Group, an independent industrial laboratory based in the Lyon metropolitan area.

It is at the end of 3 years of experimentation that we scientifically validated the operational and economic feasibility of 2 know-how: a unique code industrial marking product and inorganic analysis solution for biological samples and materials.

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FoodIT represents an experiment that targets to create a food traceability application based on isotopic elements (inorganic markers) found in the environment, where the animals or plants are growing. In this manner, a signature can be created that can be linked with the specific product. Subsequently, the signature is expected to be stored in the blockchain, in an immutable manner.

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