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BrightHabitat is an SME from Serbia, Novi Sad, 100% owned by VizLore Labs Foundation, focused on innovative projects in all blockchain and IoT verticals. Our mission is to lead regional ICT technology-related innovation and seed entrepreneurship culture. As the commercial vehicle for Europe, Bright Habitat is well-positioned to commercialize VizLore Labs ChainRider blockchain as a service in the domain of agrifood, finance and logistics through its network of partners in the blockchain domain.

  • Ognjen Ikovic (male, MSc engineering) – CEO at Bright Habitat (BH). Ognjen is leading BH projects aimed at building blockchain-based systems for and beyond IoT, machine learning and data analysis model development and implementation, cloud-based systems and smart building systems.
  • Sasa Pesic (male, MSc engineering) – R&D Blockchain Engineer in BH and a guest researcher/consultant at Arizona State University Blockchain Research Lab. His research interests include blockchain technology and context-aware edge computing systems.
  • Stanimir Ilic (male, MSc economy) – director of operations at VLF and financial manager at BH. He specializes in smart contracts technology which enables building innovative data-sharing business models.
  • Milenko Tosic (male, MSc engineering) – managing director of the VLF and adviser for BH. He is a seasoned internet industry executive with 10 years of experience focused on technology innovation, research strategy and business development.
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CRAFTS provides easy to use blockchain set of tools based on Hyperledger Fabric, for fast prototyping of solutions in Agrifood, Finance and Logistics domains. CRAFTS is based on ChainRider (CR) BCaaS set of tools for fast prototyping and development of blockchain Dapps: blockchain network generator, one-click to deploy feature and smart contract generator. Blockchain network generator allows you to create the configuration for your blockchain network by filling out a simple web form. The generated configuration can then be used for network deployment on-premise or automatically deployed on the cloud by leveraging click to deploy feature.

Block.IS Experience

As we are a provider of blockchain as a service platform, Block.IS project was a great opportunity for us to meet potential clients in the domain of Agrifood, Finance and Logistics. We have received a lot of positive feedback about our ChainRider blockchain as a service platform and gained a couple of interesting business leads!

Bright Habitat_Ognjen Ikovic - Ognjen Ikovic
— Ognjen Iković CEO @ Bright Habitat

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