Block.IS Innovator – Ledgity


Ledgity is a fintech based in France working on the use of blockchain technology for the representation and the exchange of financial assets. We are developing a wealth management and impact investment platform. With a B2B2C approach, our mission is to help to direct savings towards the financing of the real economy.

We revolution the way we address wealth management services with more transparency, trust, efficiency and positive impact on our society.

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The world has been using the same architecture to process financial transactions for 50 years. Despite the fact that globalization and technology have changed the world, the aftermarket ecosystem still relies on multiple layers of databases which in turn have to be reconciled over and over again.

Ledgity is a platform created to bridge the financing gap between listed and unlisted companies, in order to simplify access to unlisted assets. The solution benefits all the participants from the private companies to the investors.

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