2021 Enterprise Blockchain Survey

By the standards of most technologies, blockchain ought to still be in its infancy, yet the blockchain industry has matured at an unprecedented rate. After an explosion of interest and innovation in the first few years, business leaders are now becoming familiar with the technology’s strengths and are clarifying their ideas about where and how to implement it.

In response, the industry is consolidating as it becomes clear which models are meeting the enterprise need. The adoption of enterprise blockchains within the private sector has been increasing with several networks moving from ideation to production over the course of previous years. However, the technology is not a panacea and comes with its share of trade-offs that industry adopters are experiencing first-hand.

The average investor is not familiar with blockchain technology, its applications and benefits. The knowledge gap is also apparent as many investors do not differentiate between blockchain from cryptocurrencies and its associated negative perceptions. As investors continue to learn about Blockchain it is expected to see increasing investments.

LeadBlock Partners, a Block.IS ecosystem ally, is calling all startups to feature in the 2021 edition of the Enterprise Blockchain Report! Startups and SMEs are encouraged to complete the survey to boost their visibility with investors, corporates, governments and across the blockchain ecosystem.