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Intakt Reisen is a German IT solution provider specialized in platform-based solutions addressing the needs of the travel industry. Our interdisciplinary team consists of software experts with experience in data analytics and smart contract development, IT architects, and business developers who are familiar with customer needs & in applying marketing instruments.

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We provide a digital voucher infrastructure for shopping centres and malls, based on a decentralized network approach (Blockchain Technology). With this solution, we offer highly secure, flexible, and personalized digital vouchers, which can be redeemed at multiple retailers/merchants. Our solution enables automatic and instant handling of payments between shopping centres and connected retailers.

Block.IS Experience

Thanks to Block.IS, we are able to foster the usage of digital vouchers in the retail industry, offering security, flexibility, and cost efficiency to all stakeholders of the value chain.

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WFB News  51  06/2018

Mittelstandkompetenzzentrum 4.0

Lisa Buschan und Kirisci
— Dr Pierre T. Kirisci Innovation Manager @ Intakt-Reisen

Block.IS helps us to upgrade the properties and handling of vouchers in the retail industry.

Toralf Kahlert
— Dr Toralf Kahlert Managing Director @ Intakt-Reisen

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