Block.IS Innovator – Melior Systems


Melior Systems is a company specialized in PNT (Positioning, Navigation and Timing) especially in the timing market. Although PNT is a transversal area for plenty of markets, Melior’s first focus on fintech. Melior is built on extensive experience in science, R&D, and the commercialization of state of the art technology. We bring space spin-off technology to the wider industry, creating and building value out of innovation and smart business applications.

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In the world of Fintech, required standards of timing accuracy and precision are rigorously set out by regulatory groups. This means that if Blockchain is to be taken seriously in the financial world, it must be capable of meeting these requirements.

Melior System has devised a decentralized synchronization system based on GPS to fulfil the regulatory requirements and provide trusted timestamping to the Blockchain network and fintech applications based on it.

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