Block.IS & Breaking Banks | Focusing on Logistics

Breaking Banks Europe meets Block.IS! The mission of our show is to highlight European Fintech at large with a special taste for specific projects along the way – one of which is the Block.IS!

Block.IS is a European Commission project that set sail to find, nurture and boost solutions and clusters across the continent in the search for blockchain solutions that can impact the European economy.

The Mini-Series is back for its 3rd instalment – and today Francesca Aliverti focuses on the logistics sector, which has been truly been shaken as a place for best practices, through the use of blockchain. Logistics overall is a market projected to hit the 12 trillion mark in the coming years. Yet, a massive part of the sector is opaque and is pushing hard to radically innovate. But let’s hear it from the innovators themselves – Marco Filippi (Volvero) and JC Finidori (HODLNG)!

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The European Edition of Breaking Banks is about everything on the European (fin)tech scene at large with a special eye on innovation and a zest of inspiring stories along the way, hosted by some of the world’s most well-known hosts and influencers.

Block.IS and Breaking Banks Europe organise mini-series in the coming weeks, exploring Europe’s top-notch blockchain innovations and tackling current trends and needs in agri-food, logistics and fintech sectors!