Block.IS Innovator HODLNG showcases its MVP at AESCON

Author: Snježana Jovanović-Finidori, Co-Founder at HODLNG.

HODLNG is a blockchain solution for liquefied natural gas (LNG). HODLNG is for LNG buyers and sellers who cope with provision to relating destination clauses and a rigid market. With smart contracts, we address anti-competitive clauses, triggering a fair profit-sharing mechanism. Our digital asset generates revenue and contributes to a positive social impact.

We offer a digital asset to track a specific cargo to structure and control this valuable asset’s flow. Our platform gives a better commercial environment to follow needs, diversion, and negotiation. The digital asset reduces the red tape, provides security, flexibility, and transparency. A profit-sharing mechanism in case of diversion ensures a fair income to each entity. Tokens strengthen exporting countries’ economies, thanks to their positive social impact.

AESCON (Asia-Europe Sustainable CONnectivity) is the first scientific conference on Asia-Europe sustainable connectivity. They bring together researchers and policy analysts working in international connectivity, globalization, and sustainable development impacts. The conference provides a forum to discuss global challenges on transport infrastructure, energy transition, climate change, digital economy, trade and investment flows, security, and people mobility.

On the 24th of September at 8.45 a.m. CET, JC Finidori, HODLNG’s Founder, introduces HODLNG, a blockchain for LNG, at the poster exhibition live sessions. With AESCON, HODLNG reaches out with representatives of our two biggest markets: Asia and Europe (80%  LNG market). Thanks to this opportunity, HODLNG will spread out to the innovation department from diverse companies and government officials from LNG exporting and importing countries. It is a chance to demonstrate how our digital asset, produced from a natural resource, LNG, drives sustainable development and generates a positive social impact.

hanks to Block.IS, we’ve been granted enough to accelerate the development of our project. Today, we have a built Minimum viable product, and we are now testing it. 

Due to Block.IS, HODLNG has grown and has a new co-founder. Throughout these months, we met motivated and efficient developers who shared their views and beliefs with us. The different deliverables help us to focus our efforts on business development and product architecture. That brings us deadlines, a working framework, and some training. The icing on the cake is that we learned from the experience of our two excellent mentors. Sometimes, they challenge us, sometimes they give us the benefit of their network. We had a surpassing time with the Block.IS team! Thank you all!

We expect a green light from Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Norway, and Japan Energy-Blockchain accelerators. Our next step, one word: test! For the big picture, in 2025, with our consortium, we explore an ecosystem worldwide spread. Our offices span four continents. We have 50 regular customers. The gross rate of return on investment is 50%. Tokens are distributed on the platform, and we issue a stable coin. NGOs benefit from our value generation. We work on new applications for Biogas. We attend LNG2025, hosted by Qatar, to discuss the standard of technical and commercial innovation and strategic development of HODLNG.