Block.IS Virtual Cluster Mission Berlin Insights

The IT-Logistics Cluster and Block.IS virtually invited you to Berlin on November 10th 2020 for two sessions full of exploration, knowledge exchange and networking around Blockchain and innovation.

These two webinar sessions were part of our Block.IS Cluster Missions in cooperation with Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH and BerChain e.V., which provided a deep-dive into Blockchain and the cluster ecosystem in Europe.

My experience as an organiser during the event was consistently positive. The presentations of the speakers were very interesting and inspiring for me as well as for the participants what you could determine by the thoughtful questions afterwards and in the fruitful discussion before lunch break. The aim was to show the participants their chances in Berlin´s Blockchain community which worked very well through the exposure of Berlin Partner and their members. I expected a high-quality knowledge exchange due to the technological presentations in the afternoon session and this expectation was more than fulfilled!

Michael Strobel csm_IMGL6996_51b697d667
— Michael Strobel Project Manager @ IT-Logistikcluster

As part of the EU-funded Block.IS project to build a cross-border and cross-sectoral innovation ecosystem in the sectors agrifood, logistics and fintech, the IT-Logistics cluster organized another cluster mission. An event of clusters for clusters from all over Europe to learn more about the cluster ecosystem in Berlin and to get a deeper insight into blockchain technology. Due to the current situation, the planned cluster mission took place virtually.

Did you know that Berlin is not only the capital of Germany but also home to an innovative Blockchain-Hub? Therefore, the morning session of the virtual cluster mission provided the opportunity to learn from local experts how Berlin was able to nurture a strong ecosystem of clusters, digital founders and entrepreneurs with a focus on Blockchain.

In the afternoon session, we dived deeper into Blockchain to uncover why this technology has the potential to disrupt a multitude of industries like the FinTech sector and whether this transformation is just around the corner or a vision for the future. Experts from research and practice provided an overview of the status quo, state-of-the-art practices, challenges and gave an outlook on how the technology might unfold and impact our world.

Block.IS Cluster Mission event radiated with the feeling of the dedicated community. I understood the Berlin ecosystem's direction in current times. The comparison of costs and support for developing Startups in Berlin triggered me. Even though I had the idea of joining the webinar to learn about the cluster and hear other Startups, the event was highly interactive. It suddenly included discussions about the industries, the current state of tech, and a share of thoughts and help offers. After the event, I had a great video call with one of the active participants!

Mirko Kikovic Infidia
— Mirko Kiković Co-Founder & CEO @ Infidia

The cluster mission was concluded with a very interesting Q&A session between the participants and the experts. Many issues and solutions to establish this encouraging were discussed. Aim of the mission and the whole project is to keep these people, working on projects using blockchain, in touch and thus to foster further activities.

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