Block.IS Demo Day Insights

Demo Day event was organised for SMEs that took part in the Commercialise phase to pitch their developed solution and business model in front of all clusters and selected investors. The Block.IS Project invited investors that are looking to invest in an industry that grows exponentially on a yearly basis to access blockchain investment opportunities pre-vetted by the Block.IS network of industry experts.

During the last stage, through webinars and remote mentoring sessions, the top 10 startups from the first Open Call were able to gain knowledge in marketing, communications, as well as a workshop on product pitching. Moreover, during the Demo Day event – they presented their pitches in front of a public audience consisted of clusters, investors and blockchain enthusiasts and gained valuable insights and feedback on how to improve their skills and emphasise unique selling points.

Before the pitching session started, Maximilian Lautenschläger of Iconic Holding held a presentation on how to attract investors and the ways to approach them.

Maximilian is a global crypto asset manager, started his career as a management consultant, where he advised Furtune500 companies from the steel, utility, and retail industry on topics like digitalization, project management and IT integration. He transitioned into Private Equity at an Asset Management group with € 40 Billion assets under management, then joined a fintech company builder, where he built several alternative finance startups from scratch together with the management team. Moreover, Iconic Holding is a global crypto asset management group headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany with offices in Singapore and New York.

After a very insightful talk by Maximilian, the teams have presented their products and commercialisation plans and received concrete questions and feedback in order to improve their pitch decks and unique selling point presentations.

Deriveum is a Bulgarian startup that utilises crypto commodity as CDS collateral to resolve the unenforceability issue allowing for better risk-sharing between investors and financial institutions!

Trace Labs is a Slovene startup developing a state-of-the-art solution to combat food counterfeiting and related food safety issues!

Sixphere is a Spanish company with a purely technological vocation and oriented towards digitalisation processes solutions – developing a solution that digitalises and protects data transactions!

Apio is an Italian company creating a platform that helps food producers improve Experience and Engagement of Customers through a full disclosure about the provenance and ingredients of products!

Solidity Services is a UK-based company providing a solution for hedge funds to launch and manage digital asset portfolios in a transparent and secure manner!

Between is a Serbian fintech startup committed to helping the SMEs gain access to liquidity more easily!

The team builds trading strategies using AI/ML, Sentiment analysis, Technical analysis & Mathematical models for making trading in cryptocurrencies easier & more profitable!

EZ Lab is an Italian innovative startup specialised in high-tech solutions for the improvement and development of technological innovation and Smart Agrifood!

Volvero is an Italian startup that develops a vehicle-sharing app that connects owners and renters, with integrated AI and a blockchain secure environment for vehicles monitoring!

2bSMART are a small team of Blockchain specialists from The Netherlands and within the acceleration programme, they developed smartys – smart contracts simulations!

The Block.IS Project would like to express its appreciation to the Demo Day Jury Members who provided the top 10 startups with utterly valuable learning points.

The Jury consisted of Matteo Rizzi of FTS Group, João Fernandes of DocDigitizer, Andra Bagdonaitė of Startup Wise Guys, David Chreng-Messembourg of LeadBlock Partners, Ismael Abel Vallés of FEDACOVA and Vladan Ostojić of Vega IT Sourcing.