Block.IS – Get to Know the Second Experiment Stage Participants

In the last week of November, Block.IS Ecosystem has gathered once again to attend the Innovators Assembly for the Second Round of the Block. IS Open Call. During this three-day virtual event, the beneficiaries of the Second Open Call had the opportunity to showcase their respective projects and innovative solutions as well as the results achieved during the Innovate Stage. The second event of this sort aimed to select the best 23 Startups and SMEs that will advance from the Innovate to the Experiment Stage.

Two days of the event prior to the Pitching Session were reserved for Business and Technical Evaluations. After the Pitching Session, beneficiaries were introduced with partners in the consortium which will provide mentoring in the next phase. Mentoring will cover the areas from marketing and legal services to business and funding opportunities as well as provide support in terms of cluster collaboration and networking. Moreover, in order to share the best practices and boost the Block.IS ecosystem, the most successful participants of the First Open Call were able to engage and share their experiences. This has provided not only a significant insight into their participation in Block.IS but how the project launched their products and the overall success on the market.

Lastly, following the marks given by Block.IS Expert Jury Members, final 23 participants were selected and awarded a spot in the next Stage.

Block.IS thanks the participants on their bold solutions and insightful presentations as well as the Jury Members who made the selection of the best potential possible: Ms Irena Pavlova, Mr Krishna Chandramouli and Mr Grigoris Chatzikostas.

Stay tuned for more stories related to our selected participants, participants of the Innovate Stage and the Innovators Assembly!