Webinar: Blockchain & Digital Transformation of the Food Industry

FEDACOVA has held together with the Valencian Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition and with the collaboration of KPI Agroalimentaria, the training session “Blockchain & Digital Transformation of the Food Industry”.

Sergio Barona, general secretary of FEDACOVA, opened the meeting by highlighting the importance of digital transformation as a basic pillar to favour the traceability of products throughout the value chain.

Eva Nuñez and Javier Escobar, from KPI Agroalimentaria, have focused their intervention on how digitization is contemplated in the framework of the EU and indicating the benefits that it entails, with the consequent reduction in costs, increased margins and, therefore, the improvement of the operating account.

Jesús Andicoberry, an expert in digital transformation, has shown tools used in the methodology for digital transformation, as well as the development of a Strategic Plan, including examples of project lines resulting from the analysis in certain areas of the companies.

Alicia García-Reyes, FEDACOVA technician, has announced the Block.IS project, of which the agri-food and logistics sectors are the two pillars and whose objective is to find a collaborative innovation ecosystem between EU countries, which encourages the use of technology. She has announced the Cluster Mission to be held in Valencia on October 20 and 21.

Next, Emanuel Agnelli, an expert in Blockchain, has started by explaining the technological context to then clear up doubts about what Blockchain is, including two practical examples in the meat sector and the oil sector. Finally, he has related the current legal framework in the regulation of technology at the European level.

To close the session, Lucía Muñoz, KPI Agroalimentaria consultant, has presented different current aids such as the “Digital Spain 2025” strategy and the Active Industry Programs (M12), included in the axis of action to support sector digitization.

Note: the webinar was focused on the Spanish community and held completely in the Spanish language.