Block.IS Ecosystem at the 2021 Web Summit

The Block.IS Ecosystem will be present at the 2021 Web Summit that is held annually in Lisbon, Portugal. Consistently one of the biggest (and most popular) conferences, Web Summit offers entrepreneurs and leaders an exciting event with a global reach. The conference attracts a diverse list of world-class speakers (over 1,000) and facilitates content that inspires and empowers attendees.

In addition, the conference bridges the gap between creativity and tech while balancing sober dialogue with the optimistic ethos synonymous with innovation. Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, corporate leaders, technology experts, and others will gather in Lisbon for Web Summit.

As in previous years, the Block.IS Project recognises the importance of the summit, thus a representative will be present to showcase the project results, supported startups, and share insights into the success stories the project has made so far. The project representative in Lisbon this year is António Damasceno of F6S – a global community that delivers billions in growth to startups and companies with funding, accelerators, jobs, grants.

Block.IS Stars at the 2021 Web Summit

The four-day conference is one of the biggest technology events in the world, attended by over 70,000 people and graced by both tech glitterati and political grandees. This year, some of the Block.IS Stars are also attending and showcasing their solutions that catalyse blockchain innovation in Europe and beyond:

ComeTogether is a Greek startup, founded in October 2018. The team is mostly working remotely, distributed among Thessaloniki, Athens, Munich, Nice, Sheffield. They have a broad composition of skills, including, deep software, blockchain, business, marketing, UX and event industry expertise. ComeTogether provides the infrastructure for event ticketing, fraud and scalping prevention along with secondary market revenue management.

Kedeon provides hardware and software solutions for the cold supply chain monitoring to increase transparency, efficiency and help to ensure customers. The company is located in Riga, Latvia, and has received recognition across the domains. The team consists of 9 people in total, all united by the passion for technology that impacts society.

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