2020 Golden Panda Global Blockchain Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

The 2020 Golden Panda Global Blockchain Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition has been officially launched recently. It’s one of the most influential international competitions of “SHUANG CHUANG” (Innovation & Entrepreneurship) in China, sponsored by Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and undertaken by Management Committee of Chengdu High-tech Zone. Focusing on the innovation and application of blockchain technology, the Competition will set up several sub-competition areas in the Netherlands in Europe, Singapore in Asia-Pacific, and Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu in China. Through three stages of project collection, preliminary competition and review, the best projects selected from these areas will participate in the national finals held in Chengdu High-tech Zone at the end of October this year.

(I) Participating companies/teams that win the first, second, and third prizes will be given a subsidy that does not exceed 40 yuan per square meter for renting an office in Chengdu High-tech Zone that covers no more than 200 square meters for one year from the date of the lease if they settle in Chengdu High-tech Zone within one year.

(II) For the core personnel of the participating companies/teams that win the first, second, and third prizes, if they establish a technological innovation enterprise within one year in Chengdu High-tech Zone, their enterprise will be given a start-up capital support of RMB 500,000, RMB 300,000, and RMB 100,000 (no higher than the paid-in); If the enterprise obtains equity investment from venture capital within three years, it will be provided with a support of 10% of a single round of equity financing, which can be up to RMB 5 million; In addition, it will be provided with the support of entrepreneurial space for up to 3 years and up to 500 square; Talents who meet the standards will be provided with property purchasing qualifications, talent apartments, children’s admission support, and transportation subsidies.

(III) The participating companies settled in Chengdu High-tech Zone and meet the conditions will be given policy support such as R&D investment, activity subsidies, high-tech enterprise recognition and intellectual property subsidies.

* Specific implementation regulations shall be implemented in accordance with relevant policy documents.