Block.IS – Introduction to Commercialise Stage

After INNOVATE and EXPERIMENT phase successfully conducted, Block.IS was proud to present the Top 10 participants which will carry on to the next and last – COMMERCIALISE Stage. During the COMMERCIALISE phase, the 10 selected SMEs will be supported in growing their business and further developing their business model for success. Teams will receive €7,000 in equity-free funding for the 2-month COMMERCIALISE phase of the acceleration process to enable their full dedication and the establishment of a successful business.

The opening of the COMMERCIALISE phase took place on October 12th. The plan was presented and the planned activities were discussed. This was followed by a webinar during which pitching mistakes were discussed. Mentor Vytautas shared tips on how to avoid mistakes and improve pitching. The teams willingly shared their biggest challenges and mentioned that they were eager to get involved in all the planned activities.

Along with this phase, the training/support will focus on positioning the SMEs within the Blockchain ecosystem and support them to set up possible investments or corporate partnerships. Through webinars and remote mentoring sessions, they will be able to gain knowledge in marketing and communications, as well as they will receive pitch coaching via webinars.

The mentors will, furthermore, use the individual coaching sessions to train the SMEs in corporate and legal matters regarding company or pilot setups. The pitch coaching then includes a final session right before the Demo Day event. At the end of each batch, the teams will then have their regular monthly KPI Checkpoint with their coaches per videoconference.

Moreover, the partners will use this opportunity to foster the teams’ growth and development by connecting them with their wide and diverse network. Through all these activities the teams will be able to find external investments or negotiate partnerships, which will ensure their businesses’ success after the Block.IS Programme.