Block.IS Demo Day – 1st Acceleration Programme

The Block.IS Project invites you to join the Demo Day Event for 10 startups that have successfully completed all three acceleration programme stages! In each phase, the selected candidates were offered a set of tech & business services and financial support to develop their projects in close collaboration with relevant clusters networks, sector specialists and technology experts.

Demo Day event is organised for SMEs that took part in the Commercialise phase to pitch their developed solution and business model in front of all clusters and selected investors. The Block.IS Project invites investors that are looking to invest in an industry that grows exponentially on a yearly basis to access blockchain investment opportunities pre-vetted by the Block.IS network of industry experts.

Block.IS Top 10 Startups – 1st Acceleration Programme

After almost a year, 10 startups with the best potential to catalyse blockchain innovation emerged and have their initial ideas now ready to enter the market! Along with the last stage – Commercialise – training sessions and support were focused on positioning the SMEs within the Blockchain ecosystem and supported them to set up possible investments or corporate partnerships. Through webinars and remote mentoring sessions, they were able to gain knowledge in marketing, communications, as well as a workshop on product pitching.


Join the Block.IS Project Demo Day and get to know the programme’s Top 10 Startups!

Registration is free of charge.

Date: Nov 24, 2020 10:00 AM (Brussels Time)